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With myWIC you can schedule upcoming appointments, upload documents, view benefits and much more.

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What can you do with myWIC?

Check out our myWIC features. With myWIC, you can experience all these and more.

Manage your appointments

Schedule, change and view your appointments.

Current and future benefits

View your monthly benefits and track your purchases.

Tailored shopping experience

Use our shopping guide and scanner to get the most out of your benefits.

Lock your WIC card

If your WIC card is lost, damaged or stolen, you can lock your card in myWIC and schedule an appointment to get a new one.

Guided certifications

Use a step by step process for uploading documents before your WIC appointment.

Push notifications

Stay informed with reminders and updates sent right to you.

myWIC is available in English and Spanish

Create a myWIC Account

Already a WIC Client?

  1. Download the app.
  2. Link your existing WIC card.
    1. Click the “link card” button at the top. 
    2. You will need your WIC Card and the parent or guardian’s date of birth or last name used in the WIC system.
    3. Scan your WIC Card or enter your 19-digit WIC Card number
  3. Confirm your details and continue.
  4. Create a username and password.

WIC Tip: If myWIC asks you to enter a username and password instead of creating them, you already have an account with myWIC or the previous WIC web portal. If you don’t remember your login, that’s okay! Just click the forgot username or password links to reset them.

New to WIC?

Ask your clinic to send you an invite to create a myWIC account.

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