Let’s Dance!

Put on some music and get ready to move!

Let’s Dance!


Time to Boogie


Dancing is a fun way to spend time with your child while getting some physical activity. Make sure to wear comfortable clothes so you can really boogie. Turn your room into a dance floor by clearing a space and making sure there is enough room to move around safely. Put on your child’s favorite music and get ready to move!

Dance With Zobey

Zobey is a friendly purple puppet who loves to dance and play. These videos take you and your child on imaginary adventures that include lots of giggles, wiggles and dancing. Please make sure your child has enough room to move around comfortably and safely.

Children learn by watching things again and again. Your child may watch Zobey several times before deciding to take part.

Zobey teaches:

  • Hand eye coordination
  • Movement and dance
  • Healthy eating habits

Searching for a Rainbow

Join Zobey and friends as they go on an adventure to search for a rainbow in the sky. Children learn about drinking water and find a rainbow full of colorful fruits and veggies! Yum!

Locomotion Lab

Dance along with Zobey and friends as they go to the Locomotion Lab. Children learn about helping their friends and problem solving — all while having fun. They also learn that we need fruits, veggies and movement to keep our bodies running right!

Space Party

Dance along with Zobey and friends as they travel to outer space to visit Zobey’s friend Zeta on her special planet. Children will learn about trying new things and making new friends.

Superhero Training Camp

Zobey and friends travel to Superhero Training Camp where they learn the three things it takes to be a superhero. Dance along with Zobey, Sidekick and friends to become super!

Barn Dance Party

Zobey and the kids help the farm machines and animals bring in the harvest and prepare for a special Harvest Celebration.

Trip to the Jungle

Zobey boogies down in the jungle to dance with his animal friends. You and your child can walk with the elephants, move like a monkey, and paddle down a roaring river for a jungle surprise dance party.


A Trip to Bugland

Have you ever wanted to be the size of a bug? In this video, Zobey and friends explore a garden and try out some bug-inspired dance moves. Join them as they inch like caterpillars, jump like grasshoppers and fly like ladybugs.

Disclaimer: These programs encourage your child to be physically active. Please make sure your child has enough room to move around comfortably and safely. Allow your child to move at his or her own pace. Children of different ages have different abilities and not all activities are suitable for all children. To further reduce the risk of injury, talk to your child’s healthcare provider.

The creators, producers, participants, and distributors of these programs are not responsible for any losses or injuries to your child in connection with the advice and exercises shown in these videos.

Dance along with Zobey on YouTube.

You can also Read with Zobey!

Find Your Playlist

Do you know what makes dancing fun? Finding the right music! Play your child’s favorite songs or take turns choosing what song to dance to next. We’ve put together some playlists with our favorite songs to help get your feet moving.

Movie Magic

Twirl like a princess, sway like a pirate or bounce like a beast! Make up dances based on movies or get creative and invent your own moves.
Stream the Movie Magic playlist


It’s fun to stomp like a dinosaur and swim like a whale. Play a game where you take turns dancing like different animals.
Stream the Animals/Dinosaurs playlist

Sesame Street Songs

With songs about letters, numbers, taking turns and more, this playlist has more than 100 songs from Sesame Street.
Stream the Sesame Street playlist

Zobey Songs

Dance to your favorite songs from Zobey’s latest adventures. Find your superpower and swim in the galaxy with Zobey and friends!
Stream the Zobey Superhero Training Camp playlist

Stream the Zobey Space Party playlist

Stream the Zobey Searching for a Rainbow playlist

Stream the Locomotion Lab playlist

Play your child’s favorite songs, or take turns choosing what song to dance to next.

No Speaker? No Problem!

If you are using your phone and don’t have a speaker, simply put your phone sideways in a bowl. It will sound louder!

Practice Your Dance Moves

These famous dances are fun to do in your living room. Make up your own dance moves or try to copy the ones from your favorite videos.



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You can make up your own dance moves
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