Let’s Color !

A mother and her young son coloring together at home.

Let’s Color!




Coloring helps develop children’s motor skills and is a fun activity that they can do alone or with others. 

Zobey, Toby and Luna Cutouts

Zobey, Toby and Luna want to go on an adventure with you! Are you having a dance party? Cooking up a yummy meal? Reading a great book? Let Zobey, Toby or Luna join the fun! Simply print out your child’s favorite character and cut on the dotted line. Then have your child color and decorate the cutout and paste it on a small piece of cardboard. Have fun! 

Take photos and videos of you and your child doing your favorite activities with your new cutout friend. Post a description of your adventures to social media with the hashtag #ZobeyAdventures or #TobyandLunaAdventures. Let’s see all the adventures our WIC characters can experience! 

Download Zobey and Friends Cutouts (PDF)

Download Toby and Luna Cutouts (PDF)

Bring you Zobey or toby and Luna cutout with you on an adventure!

Color Your World

This colorful activity book encourages your child’s curiosity about healthy eating and physical activity through interactive puzzles, stories, recipes, fun food facts and more. Grab a crayon and have fun with the whole family!

Download Let’s Play! Kids Activity Magazine (PDF, 7 MB)

Let’s Play! Kids Activity Magazine

This coloring book follows Zobey on a trip to outer space where he learns to try new foods and become an adventurer! This is a great activity for kids to express their artistic skills. 

Download the Space Party Coloring Book (PDF). 

A mom and dad coloring with their son outside.

Even small children  can help decorate the table and learn about letters, foods and colors at the same time. Download these fun placemats for kids to color at home or on the go. Take some crayons and color them at a restaurant. It’s a great alternative to giving kids your phone.

Download the Coloring Placemats (PDF, 1.7MB).

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