Texas WIC Card

Using your Texas WIC card is easy once you get the hang of it.

Texas WIC Card


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Using your Texas WIC card is easy once you get the hang of it. It works like a debit card and keeps track of your food benefits for each month.

Tips for using your card

  • Take your card to each WIC appointment so staff can reload your food benefits. Use your Texas WIC card at most grocery stores.
  • Ask your WIC staff which stores accept the Texas WIC card.
  • Use all of your benefits before the end of the month. Any food benefits left on your WIC card don’t roll over to the next month.
  • If your Texas WIC card doesn’t work, call your local WIC staff or take it to the clinic.
  • If your card is lost or stolen, call and report it to 800-942-3678 so we can protect your benefits by cancelling your card. It can take up to three calendar days to replace your card at your WIC clinic.
Your Texas WIC card works like a debit card and keeps track of your food benefits for each month.


  • plus sign minus sign What will happen when I use my WIC card at the grocery store?
    • Use your WIC Shopping List to select your foods.
    • Tell the cashier that you will be using your WIC card.
    • Ask the cashier if you need to separate your WIC foods from your other foods. When the cashier tells you, insert your card into the card reader, and enter your PIN. Leave your card in the reader until the cashier tells you to remove it.
    • Once your items are scanned, review your receipt to make sure your WIC purchases are listed and correct.
    • Each time you use your WIC card at the store, you will receive a receipt that shows the foods you have left for the month. Save your receipt.
    • If you lose your receipt, go to your local WIC office or grocery store to get a new one with your latest balance.
  • plus sign minus sign Do I have to buy a certain amount of food at each trip to the grocery store?

    You choose how much of your WIC food benefits you want to spend each shopping trip. For example, you can buy one box of cereal this week and another box of cereal next week or you can buy two boxes all at once. It’s up to you.

  • plus sign minus sign What if I need someone else to go to the store for me?

    Give that person your card and your PIN. Be sure the person is someone you trust with your card.

  • plus sign minus sign What if a WIC item is not listed on my receipt as a WIC purchase?

    The card reader, not the store clerk, decides which foods you can buy with your card.

    • You may have selected an item that is the wrong size or the wrong brand.
    • You may not have enough benefits left on your card for the item.
    • You can choose to pay for the item with your other groceries.
    • If you do not want to buy the item as a non-WIC purchase, tell the cashier you do not want the item.
  • plus sign minus sign What if I have other problems at the grocery store?

    If you have any WIC related problems, call 800-942-3678.

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