A New, Active You

Improve your mood, sleep and health

A New, Active You


Your Guide to Better Health


The more you move, the better you’ll feel. Taking care of yourself sets a good example for your children. Start small and go step-by-step toward a new active you. A little change can make a big difference to you and your family. 

Physical Activity

Physical activity is important for bone and heart health, flexibility, and muscle tone. It not only improves health, but it can also improve mood and sleep.

Need activity ideas?

  • Walk the dog
  • Play with the kids in the park
  • Rake leaves
  • Clean the house
  • Dance
  • Take the stairs
  • Park farther away

Before starting any new activity

  • Check with your doctor, especially if you are pregnant or just had a baby.
  • Don’t overdo it, start slow.
  • Always warm up with a light activity before exercising and be sure to cool down and stretch after.
  • Drink plenty of water.
Need activity ideas? Play with the kids in the park.

Keep Moving

Sitting for long periods of time can lead to multiple health problems and weight gain. To keep your blood flowing, your mind working at its best, and prevent your muscles from tightening, do some sort of movement throughout the day.

  • Stand up or walk around when you talk on the phone.
  • Go for a walk during part of your lunch break.
  • Take a stretch break every hour.
  • Do jumping jacks, sit ups, or walk in place to make watching TV active.
  • Drink plenty of water.
Make smart choices with your family.

Work Out with Mom Fitness!

Being active is one way to focus on taking care of yourself. Join us for Mom Fitness, a workout series designed for new moms to have fun, reduce stress and move your body. Choose a workout that speaks to you or try them all!

20-Minute Breath and Core Recovery 

This breath and core recovery workout will help you reconnect with your breath and tighten your core throughout the day. The goal is to move at a gentle pace and bring awareness to your mind and body.

25-Minute Full Bodyweight Circuit 

This full body circuit workout uses your bodyweight to build strength and balance. You will leave feeling warmed up and strong for the rest of the day!

20-Minute Full Body Cardio

Are you short on time today? Join us for a quick full body cardio circuit workout. You can get your heart rate up and a full workout in 20 minutes. It will add a boost of energy to your day!

25-Minute Core and Back Toning Circuit

This workout focuses on releasing tension and building core and back strength safely as a new mom. Strengthening your core and back muscles will support good balance and posture.

25-Minute Post-Pregnancy Power Workout 

A low-impact power circuit workout that will leave you feeling strong. This workout trains your core and hips to power you through day-to-day movements like picking up your kids and carrying the car seat.

5 Steps to Live Well

There are many reasons to be the healthiest you — to look and feel your best, to set a good example for your children, and to lower your chances of getting diabetes, heart disease, cancer and weak bones. Take these five steps to live well for you and your family.

1. Be Realistic 

Make small changes in what you eat. This can be as easy as switching from whole or 2% milk to 1% or fat-free milk.

2. Be Adventurous.

Snacks are a great time to try new fruits and vegetables.

3. Be Flexible. 

It’s all about balance. Eat a lighter lunch if you are going out for a big dinner. Look for easy ways to make healthier choices like sharing a meal with a friend.

4. Be Sensible.

Enjoy all foods, just don’t overdo it. Eat slowly, enjoy each bite, and listen to your body— eat when you are hungry and stop when you feel full. Turn off the TV to focus on food and family time.

5. Be Energized.

Breakfast is the best way to begin your day — giving you energy, brain power, and a healthy start.

Live well for you and your family.
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